We are a national reputed Furniture Distribution Company with its unique name as “Furniture Kingdom” located at 59 Commercial Area, Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt. Pakistan Established in 2002, our focus has always been to offer fascinating, State-of-the-art Office and Educational Furniture from the world renowned manufacturers at an affordable price at the time required. Furniture Kingdom is proud to offer customers the highest quality furniture in the broadest range of options and configurations. The products we sell are but not limited to the following: Office furniture/System furniture to include, Executive Desks , Middle management Desks, Staff Desks including Workstations and a wide range of Office chairs for each category including Public Seating ( various types) Educational Furniture to include Furniture for Primary, Middle Level, Colleges and Universities including a full range of Furniture and products for Libraries and Laboratories. Furniture Kingdom does not just offer you furniture, we provide complete pre-and after-sales services . Our convenient showroom gives you the opportunity to take a close look at our advanced quality products and consult with experts before selecting the right furniture for you. When we talk about Office Furniture, we aim to provide a complete office solution with such an environment that one would love to find a work that he can play with since nothing nourishes your soul like playing. There is no dispute on it that your surroundings play big role on your efficiency and now-a-days people prefer to use their knowledge since imaginations have no boundaries. We aim to constantly refresh our stocks, offering new materials, new designs, new colors and new solutions to the corporate and individual customers. We are sharpening our focus on today’s changing consumers. We are on the leading edge in meeting the demands of a market place that insists on ever-higher standards of quality, convenience and value. We offer one of the most respected names in furniture products and services. The adventure has just begun. We know that we have to continue to deliver the utmost in quality and the highest level of performance to our customers and we will continue to meet that challenge.